About Us


Founded in 2010, NaRCAD’s innovative, service-delivery model connects busy clinicians to the best evidence through an engaging synthesis of integral clinical information, improving health outcomes. We’re leaders in the “how-to” of establishing new academic detailing programs, as well as evaluating and improving existing ones. The academic detailing programs we partner with serve diverse patient populations, including vulnerable and underserved patients likely to […]

Our Services


We help new and established programs strengthen clinical practices and improve patient health outcomes. We also teach technique via hands-on, dynamic training. Learn how we do what we do. Needs Assessment: We work with each program to perform a needs assessment to identify resources required to implement an academic detailing program. We also work with available data to determine […]



Our blog highlights how NaRCAD connects frontline clinicians to the best evidence. The result? Better patient health outcomes. Read on & share your ideas.