About NaRCAD


Founded in 2010, NaRCAD’s innovative, service-delivery model connects busy clinicians to the best evidence through an engaging synthesis of integral clinical information, improving health outcomes. NaRCAD is a leader in: Providing training and support to health care organizations to establish effective academic detailing programs; Partnering with healthcare organizations to develop academic detailing program templates which can be adopted by others; […]

Our Services


We help new and established programs strengthen clinical practices and improve patient health outcomes. We also teach technique via hands-on, dynamic training. Learn how we do what we do. Needs Assessment: We work with each program to perform a needs assessment to identify resources required to implement an academic detailing program. We also work with available data to determine […]



Our blog highlights how NaRCAD connects frontline clinicians to the best evidence. The result? Better patient health outcomes. Read on & share your ideas.