About NaRCAD

Founded in 2010, NaRCAD’s innovative, service-delivery model connects busy clinicians to the best evidence through an engaging synthesis of integral clinical information, improving health outcomes.

NaRCAD is a leader in:
Providing training and support to health care organizations to establish effective academic detailing programs;

Partnering with healthcare organizations to develop academic detailing program templates which can be adopted by others;

Promoting a network of programs by sharing best practices in academic detailing–highlighting what works, and what challenges are faced along the way.

We’re leaders in the “how-to” of establishing new academic detailing programs, as well as evaluating and improving existing ones.

  • Our resource center works with partner organizations to perform a needs assessment of their current patterns of medical care and lay the groundwork for establishing academic detailing programs.
  • We provide specialized training sessions on social marketing, techniques of academic detailing, and the management of academic detailing programs.
  • We work carefully with each partner organization to evaluate its academic detailing activities across multiple dimensions. We collaborate with programs to gather qualitative data on the process of implementation, the quality of training, and the experiences of clinicians receiving the academic detailing messages.  And we provide guidance to participating programs on performing patient-level assessments of the impact of their interventions.

Guidance on the establishment of detailing programs, training on the techniques and content of academic detailing, assistance in the evaluation of program effectiveness and the provision of adapted AHRQ review material will help organizations to transform evidence-based information into improved patient-care decisions.  These organizations serve diverse patient populations, including vulnerable and underserved patients likely to benefit the most.


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